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Soldering Irons

Soldering irons are hand-held tools that are used to apply heat through a metal tip, enabling the melting of solder wire in order to create fixings and perform small welding operations. Melting solder helps it to flow into the joint between the heating element and a piece of work, with this then becoming a strong join once the solder has cooled and hardened.

Soldering irons are usually supplied with a stand so that the heated iron can be safely secured while not in operation, rather than risking potential damage by putting the tool down directly on the work surface. For more information about soldering irons and all the equipment you need to solder, please see our complete guide to soldering irons.

What types of soldering irons are there?

Due to the numerous applications soldering can be used for, there are different types of soldering irons to meet different requirements. Each type has its own benefits, which we have listed below.

Gas Powered

Lead-free, gas-powered soldering irons are normally fuelled by butane gas, which is stored in a reservoir or tank that can be refilled or replaced, depending on the model. These irons are especially useful when there is no mains power available in the area where soldering will be taking place, and their cordless design allows for more freedom of movement when tight or difficult angles are involved.

Used mainly for occasional repairs, gas powered soldering irons can have an adjustable