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    Parker Hydraulic Pipe Clamps

    Hydraulic pipe clamps are fastening devices used in hydraulic systems. They are used to hold and secure hydraulic pipes and prevent unwanted movement or the separation of pipes.

    Hydraulic pipes clamps can be used with both steel pipes and hoses. They traditionally feature two halves with a bore for the pipe or hose to be placed into. The bore may be ribbed for more secure fitting, or smoother bores provide a firm grip. There may also be a chamfered edge on the bore to protect the hose or pipe. Hydraulic tube clamps have a plastic (polypropylene) body with metal plates on each side. Once the two halves of the clamp body are combines, they are locked together using screws or bolts to secure the pipe.

    Each hydraulic pipe clamp is designed for a specific pipe or tube size range, for example 12 mm. It is essential that your chosen pipe clamp is suitable for the diameter your pipework.

    Single vs. Double Pipe Clamps

    Single hydraulic pipe clamps hold one tube or pipe, while double clamps can hold two tubes or pipes.

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