Water Filter Housing

Water filter housing units made from a rugged polypropylene plastic material.How do they work?Typically they work by filtering out any unwanted particles such as dirt or bacteria passing through the water by creating a barrier.Features and benefits: Easy to change cartridges Comes with an easy to install wall mounting bracket Different colours are available Some models feature built-in pressure relief valves Produces safe drinking water Conveniently included housing spanners available with some models Economical Guarantees are available Where might I use one? Potable water Outdoor facilities Alkaline parts washing Working environments such as building sites and offices Farms Factories

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Description Prix Compatible Cartridges Colour Maximum Flow Without Cartridge Inlet & Outlet Connection Maximum Working Pressure Inlet & Outlet Size Inlet & Outlet Thread Standard
N° de stock RS 738-2716
MarqueRS PRO
38,93 €
DWFK 10 in Length Blue 50L/min 3/4 in BSP 5 bar 3/4in BSP
N° de stock RS 738-2700
MarqueRS PRO
120,25 €
- Black/Blue 60L/min 1 in BSP 8 bar 1in BSP
N° de stock RS 183-7197
Référence fabricantLT10-BV-RS-B
70,60 €
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