Pipe Cleaning Brushes

What is a Pipe cleaning brush?A pipe cleaning brush is a brush specifically designed to clean out pipes and other long hollow pipelines.How do they work?With applied pressure and motion, the bristles interact with the inside of a pipe or fitting with the intention of clearing out any debris or foreign substances.Features and benefits: Removes burrs and cleans impurities (useful after soldering) Cost effective tools Handy to store away or move (can be attached to keyrings) Fit different diameters of pipes Where might I use one? After soldering Cleaning light surfaces to remove oxidation or rust In your home for cleaning pipes For your business or work

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Description Prix For Pipe Diameter Bristle Material
N° de stock RS 499-2486
MarqueRS PRO
3,16 €
22mm Steel
N° de stock RS 499-2470
MarqueRS PRO
3,03 €
15mm Steel