PVC & ABS Threaded Fittings

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) threaded fittings are components used to connect compatible plastic pipesin order to convey fluids or chemicals.

What are PVC and ABS threaded fittings used for?

PVC and ABS threaded fittings are often used in, for example, the water treatment, ship building and chemical processing industries. Depending on the type, they can connect straight pipe or tubing sections, adapt to different sizes or shapes and regulate or measure fluid flow. As these PVC and ABS fittings are threaded, they can be coated in thread sealing paste and screwed into the pipe system. They tend to be very robust and resistant to impact, corrosion and chemicals.

Types of PVC and ABS threaded fittings

PVC and ABS threaded fittings come in various styles depending on your needs, for example couplings, reducers, elbows, nipples and adaptors. They may be threaded on both sides or only on one side and the threads can be the same or different genders.

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Description Prix Fitting Type Connection 1 Thread Size 1 Connection Gender 1 Thread Standard 1 Connection 2 Thread Size 2 Connection Gender 2 Thread Standard 2 Fitting Direction Length Material
N° de stock RS 224-6321
Référence fabricant729901410
12,65 €
Adapter 1-1/2 in Rp Female 1-1/2in Female Rp 1-1/2 in BSP Male 1-1/2in Female BSP Straight 61mm ABS
N° de stock RS 224-6365
Référence fabricant729913907
4,75 €
Nipple 3/4 in R Male 3/4in Male R 3/4 in Cement Male 3/4in Female Cement - 56mm ABS
N° de stock RS 224-6236
Référence fabricant729911007
6,97 €
Socket 3/4 in Rp Female 3/4in Female Rp 3/4 in BSP Male 3/4in Female BSP - 40mm ABS
N° de stock RS 224-6618
Référence fabricant729911709
9,02 €
Adapter 1-1/4 in R Male 1-1/4in Male R 1-1/4 in Cement Female 1-1/4in Female Cement Straight 57mm ABS
N° de stock RS 224-6359
Référence fabricant729913906
3,62 €
Nipple 1/2 in R Male 1/2in Male R 1/2 in Cement Male 1/2in Female Cement - 50mm ABS
N° de stock RS 224-6630
Référence fabricant729911711
16,98 €
Adapter 2 in R Male 2in Male R 2 in Cement Female 2in Female Cement Straight 76mm ABS
N° de stock RS 224-9588
Référence fabricant729911707
4,10 €
Adapter 3/4 in R Male 3/4in Male R 3/4 in Cement Female 3/4in Female Cement Straight 44mm ABS