Work Sweatshirts & Fleeces

In order to stay warm in cold work environments, a sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt or fleece is a perfect addition to your standard workwear. Work sweatshirts and fleeces can be worn in most environments for added protection against harsh or cold weather, as well as providing additional pockets for your small tools and equipment.

At RS Components, we have curated our range to offer a comprehensive variety of options, with fleeces, sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts available in a range of EU and UK sizes, colours and materials. With a number of styles and colours available, our range includes products from some of the leading brands in workwear, such as , DeWalt, Dickies, Helly Hensen, Parade, Scruffs, Snickers, Timberland and our very own professional brand, RS PRO.

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N° de stock RS 184-9324
Référence fabricantLAUREL XL
57,77 €
Work Fleece Men XL - Polyester - - No Black QTR Fleece