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Notice Boards

A notice board or pin board is a board that can be attached to a wall to display notices, messages, adverts, and bulletins or to keep notes or reminders. They are often made of cork or felt and are also available as a combination with a blackboard or whiteboard. The frame can be made of aluminium or wood. Steel notice boards can also be used for outdoor use in areas such as car parks.

Types of notice boards include:

Cork board

Magnetic board


Pin board

Combination board – both magnetic dry wipe and felt

Surface types of Notice Boards available from RS Components:

Cork and Adhesive Cork

Dry Wipe

Felt fabric


Combination of magnetic dry wipe and felt

Why use a Notice Board

Notice boards are a great way to promote, educate and communicate information within an office, school, home or workplace. They help to create awareness, inspire and encourage people to engage and interact. These boards allow employees to see important deadlines each day so tasks don't miss their deadlines resulting in poor customer experience and unhappy customers.

Uses of a Notice Board

Notice boards are a flexible way of sharing or storing different types of information, such as:

• Health and Safety information

• Projects

• Feedback & issues

• Notes & reminders

• Upcoming Activities

• Adverts

• Training courses

• Meetings

Are Notice Boards important?

By placing notice boards at specific chosen areas in the workplace can help gain workers' attention and also it can create a sense of being part of a community within the office which you don't experience with communications via email.

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