Light Covers

Light covers, also known as lighting guards, come in various shapes and sizes and are designed for protection and support as well as, in some instances, for aesthetic or functional purposes to either improve the look of the light or to increase the effects of the light by reflecting the light to create a larger or more impactful light source. Aesthetic covers are used to improve the appearance of a lighting fixture, for example, a diffused cover for a uniform appearance. Protective light covers are designed to provide protection against the front or rear of the light fixture. This can limit safety risks such as fire when downlighters are surrounded by insulation or to avoid a light fitting being hit or damaged during maintenance. 

Light covers for downlights

Some light covers are designed to work alongside downlights, for example, spotlights in a kitchen. The covers clip onto the rear of the light fitting to provide space and protection around it. Therefore it can be used alongside standard insulation products. The light cover provides space between the insulation and the light fitment to prevent overheating. Some covers are also suitable for use with other features such as public address loudspeakers.

Light covers are typically made of either plastic or fabric, depending on their purpose though some covered metal frame covers are found where a more robust solution is required.

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N° de stock RS 834-8259
Référence fabricant148-00123 SPOTCLIP-BOX FR-PA66HS-BK
18,88 €
Reel and blowed-in insulations with LED and Compact Fluorescent Lamps 184mm 140mm Bayonet SpotClip-Box - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 177-4542
Référence fabricant148-00119 SPOTCLIP-KIT 150-PA66HS-BK
10,14 €
Reel insulations with Downlights with large dimensions - 157mm Snap-Fit SpotClip-Kit 150 - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 177-4543
Référence fabricant148-00120 SPOTCLIP-KIT 240-PA66HS-BK
10,83 €
Unrolled wool insulation and large downlights - 247mm Snap-Fit SpotClip-Kit 240 - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 177-4547
Référence fabricant148-00146 SPOTCLIP-IV-SLIM-PA66GF15-BK
5,17 €
Reel and blowed-in insulations with Extraflat LED Downlights - 50mm Snap-Fit SpotClip-IV - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 177-4546
Référence fabricant148-00102 SpotClip-Caps 16/25-PA66HS-BK
2,56 €
SpotClip-Plate 60mm - - SpotClip-Caps - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 177-4541
Référence fabricant148-00121 SPOTCLIP-III-PA66HS-BK
8,15 €
Reel insulations with Downlights with external power supply - 130mm Snap-Fit SpotClip III - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 177-4545
Référence fabricant148-00117 SPOTCLIP-PLATE 600-PA66HS-BK
23,91 €
Unrolled wool insulation and mineral plate reinforcement 592mm 592mm - SpotClip-Plate - - - - - - -
N° de stock RS 834-8240
Référence fabricant148-00098 SpotClip-II-PA66GF15-BK
6,79 €
Reel and blowed-in insulations with Halogen and LED Lamps - 115mm Snap-Fit SpotClip II - - - - - - -