LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights offer an economical alternative to traditional modular luminaries. LED light panels provide a bright evenly distributed illumination as well as great energy savings and reduced maintenance compared to traditional ceiling light fittings.

Panel lights are often used in offices to increase lighting levels to give a softer and even light. LED panels are an ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes in workplaces as they are flicker free and silent, unlike fluorescent tubes which flicker and hum and can be annoying and distracting.

LED lights have a long life span and do not need to warm up. As soon as you switch LED lights on, you have instant illumination with no flickering. LED panel lights are also available as a surface mount unit, which is ideal when recessing your lights is not possible. Some LED panels are supplied with brackets and can be mounted directly onto the surface with the driver hidden behind the panel keeping the installation neat and tidy.

Features can include:

  • Flat panel design with a contemporary modern look
  • Replacement for luminaires with fluorescent lamps
  • Different mounting options, built in panels are installed in the ceiling and surface mounted panels are attached to the ceiling
  • LED panels are available in various sizes to suit different lighting applications including popular sizes 600x600 mm and 1200x600 mm
  • IP20 rating for indoor use and higher ratings for damp environments
  • Some LED panels can be dimmable and change colour
  • LED panels provide great even illumination across the area
  • LED technology has a long life and low maintenance
  • Various colour temperatures such as warm white, daylight and cool white
  • LED panels can feature a TP(B) fire rated diffuser, ensuring light is evenly distributed from the panel


LED panel lights are suitable for ceilings and walls and are ideal for commercial buildings, especially:

  • Reception areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Car Parks
  • Workshops

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N° de stock RS 205-0162
Référence fabricant919013004387
166,99 €
LED 595 mm 595 mm 35 mm - - - 34 W 240 V - - -
N° de stock RS 205-0124
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53,99 €
LED 595 mm 595 mm 35 mm - - - 34 W 240 V - - -
N° de stock RS 122-7945
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LED 597 mm 597 mm 42 mm Warm White Square 3000K 41 W 240 V - IP20 -
N° de stock RS 205-0127
Référence fabricant919013004386
187,08 €
LED 595 mm 595 mm 36 mm - - - 34 W 240 V - - -
N° de stock RS 205-0125
Référence fabricant919013004385
166,99 €
LED 595 mm 595 mm 35 mm - - - 34 W 240 V - - -