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Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting are discreet forms of lights for enclosures. They provide targeted illumination and can be installed horizontally or vertically in both internal or external applications. Our range of cabinet lights are available in various styles they include; LED illumination units, strip lights, recessed spotlight, light bars, panel lights, PIR enclosure lights and many more. Browse our range of cabinets lights to find your ideal solution sourced from trusted brands such as; STEGO, Idec, Knightsbridge, Rittal, Finder, LEDVANCE and RS PRO.

Popular cabinet lighting

  • LED Cabinet lights

Why would you need cabinet lighting?

The right lighting is important especially in enclosures for example;

  • Maintenance engineers can easily perform tests on telecommunication and IT installations within cabinets without the use of a secondary light.
  • Lighting located under cabinet units enhance work areas in laboratories and electrical test applications creating a perfect working environment.

What are the benefits of cabinet lighting?

Cabinet lighting is a vast improvement over natural light, our choice of warm white and cool white light colours ensures you able to create the desired mode lighting for exhibits, displays, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Cabinet lights are relatively easy to install and can be carried out by an accomplished DIY enthusiast, however an approved electrical engineer should always be the preferred option.


  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Households
  • Museums
  • Telecommunication
  • IT

Why would you choose RS components for lighting?

Our extensive range ensures we have your ideal solution available. Browsing our offer has vastly improved making it simple to select your cabinet lights and accessories. Our products are supported with technical information and customer service we are sure you will appreciate.


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