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    Clip Kits

    Hose clip kits contain a variety of differently sized and shaped hose clips - circular metal bands that are primarily used to hold hoses onto pipes or attach and seal a hose onto another fitting.

    Applications for hose clip kits

    Hose clip kits are suitable for a variety of applications involving air, fluid, gas and steam hoses made of rubber or plastic, or electrical cables. They're used in a wide range of industries, including mining, construction, heating and ventilation, welding, medicine, military and aircraft.

    Hose clip kit features

    Features and benefits of hose clips and hose clip kits may include the following:

    • Kits include a range of differently sized hose clips for a variety of applications.
    • Hose clips can be used on small hoses in the absence of a screw clip mechanism.
    • Designs with rounded band edges prevent damage to hoses.
    • Hose clips are made from strong metal, most commonly, stainless steel.
    • Kits offer a handy storage box to keep hose clips organised for ease of use.
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