Paint Rollers & Paint Trays

A paint roller is comprised of a frame and sleeve. The sleeve absorbs the paint and transfers it evenly to the wall, floor or ceiling. They are usually removable so that they can be cleaned or replaced.They are available in a variety of widths to suit the size of area to be painted. There are also 2 diameters of roller; 1.5 inch (38mm) and 1.75 inch (44mm) with the larger size preferred by professionals.Sleeves are available with different thicknesses of pile depending on the roughness of the surface being painted. The rougher the surface, the longer the pile that is required.Paint TraysPaint trays are available in different widths to suit the different width rollers. They have a deeper section to hold the paint and an angled slope, used to roll off excess paint and ensure there is an even quantity held in the roller pile.

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