Cloths are pieces of fabric that have been made by weaving or felting from cotton, wool or other fibres. They are designed to use either wet or dry depending on the task.

There are many different types such as J cloth, lint-free and microfiber cloths. Each type of cloth has its own features such as multi-purpose, industrial strength, highly absorbent, soft touch, low linting and perforated.

Cloths can be singular, packed in a bag, boxed or come in a role which can be used with wall-mounted dispensers.

Typical uses for cloths used with or without everyday cleaning fluids are to pickup dirt, clearing grease, polish glass, wiping furniture and floors or dusting your electronic equipment around the home, office or workplace.

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1 Bag of 8
- Wypall X80 Heavy Duty Cleaning - - Quarter Fold 30 Yellow 350 x 340mm Dry Repeat Use 1