Disinfectants & Sanitisers

What is Disinfectant?Disinfectant is an important chemical used for the purpose of cleaning and sanitising an area clear of any dirt or debris, therefore removing the potential dangers of bacteria and viruses. How do they work?A disinfectant works by introducing the desired area to high concentrates of chemical that may have a specific influence to kill certain types of micro-organisms, where others may be designed to target a smaller range of diseases. Features and benefits: Liquid or air based disinfectant (great dispersal rates and coverage) Can be used to fill hand pumps and dispensers Add to water to clean floors/surfaces (varies between different chemicals) Most are designed to work with human contact (check leaflets with product) Where might I use Disinfectants? In your home, specifically in the kitchen, bathroom or any high traffic areas Your workplace kitchen, your desk or appliances such as mice, telephones, laptops In schools or hospitals where cleanliness is paramount

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