Crimp D-sub Connectors

Crimp D-sub connectors are used to create electrical circuits. You can use crimp D-sub connectors to attach several wires to a single receptive connector. You can also use them to connect large cables to standard wire receptive connectors. D-sub connectors have two parts (male and female) that fit together. This means they bypass the need for soldering equipment, as is needed with solder tab terminalsor solder ring terminals.

How to use crimp D-sub connectors

Insert the wire or wires you want to connect into the male crimp D-sub connector. Squeeze the metal case surrounding the wires to secure them in place. Repeat for the wire or wires you want to connect to the first terminal, using the female connector. The connectors fit together to complete the circuit.

Types of D-sub connectors

Crimp D-sub connectors vary in pin number, from under 10 pins to over 100. Contact plating may be gold, gold over nickel or gold over copper. Housing materials may be steel, zinc-plated steel, brass, glass-fibre reinforced polymer, polyamide or aluminium alloy among others.

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