Triax Connectors

Triax connectors are variants of BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connectors used to terminate triax cables. They carry a guard and signal as well as a ground conductor.

What are triax connectors used for?

Triax connectors have a wide range of applications in industrial, military and instrumentation environments. They are predominantly used in medical and broadcast applications where minimum noise radiation and maximum RF (Radio Frequency) shielding is required.

Triax connectors are ideal for applications where weight is not a primary concern. You will commonly find them in video pairs, digital data buses and baseband circuits. They can also be used in harsh environments with high temperatures and can be tested and approved for nuclear applications.

Most triax connectors are designed with a three-lug arrangement to prevent an accidental forced mating with a BNC connector. However, you can also use an adapter to connect triax and BNC connectors.

Types of triax connectors

Triax connectors come in threaded and bayonet mating types. Some come with panel mounts and cable, and most are soldered at the termination point.

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