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    Linear Guide Blocks

    Linear guide blocks or guide carriages sit within a rail and together these components make up a linear slide that provides motion in one direction. The block is made up of rolling elements and an outer sleeve, and the smooth linear motion provided by these carriages means there is low friction along the rail as it slides.

    Applications of linear guides

    Linear guide systems comprise of the linear rail and the block, are used within the agriculture sector, vehicle manufacturing, packaging and the robotics industry.

    Features of a linear guide block

    • Blocks are easy to install and maintenance-free so are very cost-effective
    • There are a variety of carriage lengths and widths available depending on the size of the rail
    • They can be corrosion-resistant
    • Miniature version blocks are available
    • Materials consist of stainless steel and aluminium
    • Self-lubricating
    • Low-noise
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