Infrared Sensors

Infrared (IR) sensors are devices which detect and measure light with a wavelength in the IR spectrum (>700nm). They are not good at detecting visible light. IR sensors detect light from either external or built-in light sources.
IR sensors use the IR light source to detect and monitor objects or other changes in a particular area.

IR sensor applications:
• Security
• Remote control
• Lighting appliances
• Household appliances

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N° de stock RS 821-0148
Référence fabricantEE-SX674P
29,57 €
- 5mm Infrared LED - PNP 4 Pole Connector Polybutylene Phthalate IP50 - 13.6mm 15.5mm 25.3mm 13.6 x 15.5 x 25.3 mm -
N° de stock RS 821-0097
Référence fabricantEE-SPX742
28,56 €
0mm 3.6mm GaAs Infrared LED - NPN Special Connector PC IP50 - 21.2mm 13mm 13mm 21.2 x 13 x 13 mm -