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    Storage & Shelving

    We carry a wide range of storage and shelving equipment, and our equipment can be used in many settings, such as in construction sites, workshops and garages to easily view and organise your tools and devices. In this section, you can view our wide array of compartment boxes, storage bins and boxes, and lockers.

    What types of storage and shelving are available?

    Workshop storage equipment is everything within a workshop, either at home or in a professional garage or a building site, or other industrial and domestic settings. We stock a variety of storage and accessories to set up and sort out workspaces. Workshop equipment covers the equipment used when handling workshop tools and instruments. Our storage components can be used to keep workspaces tidy and safe.

    If your workshop or home is cluttered with equipment, we offer a range of styles of equipment and storage options. Our storage accessories and equipment can enable you to store and sort your equipment to ensure the safety of you and your tools when they are properly stored whilst you work. We stock:

    • Compartment boxes - we offer varied styles with adjustable compartments
    • Compartment bins - both stackable and non-stackable
    • Storage boxes - to contain larger components or general workshop clutter
    • Drawer storage - useful for storing smaller tools such as spanners
    • Hazardous substance cabinets – for safely storing dangerous equipment

    Our shelving and storage options are designed to be a place to safely store your tools and many have additional storage spaces such as drawers or shelves as added on components.