Ambersil Pack of Hand Wipes - 30 Wipes

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  • Référence fabricant 30766-002
  • Fabricant Ambersil
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Pays d'origine : GB
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Ambersil Hand Wipes

The Ambersil pack of hand wipes contains 30 wipes and each wipe is 266mm x 280mm wipe in size. These wipes are industrial strength hand cleaning tissues, capable of removing oil, grease, paint, ink and adhesives. The textured side of the wipe will gently, but efficiently remove ingrained contamination. The smooth side of the wipe retains contamination and prevents re-soiling your hands. Tough wipes are impregnated with an effective cleaning and conditioning solution designed to be gentle on hands but tough on contamination. Therefore, this product can assist in the prevention of skin disorders such as occupational dermatitis. Your hands can be clean and dry in one application, all without using water.

Features and Benefits

Storage temperature ranges between 0°C and 25°C
Minimum shelf life of 12 months when opened
Non-hazardous to user or environment
High absorbency – contamination stays on wipe
Textured material improves cleaning power
Does not contain parabens
Effective against common bacteria and viruses such as Weil’s disease, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli
Convenient, simple and safe to use
Excellent cleaning power – even on tough contaminants


Hand cleaning
Removing adhesive, gasket residue, bitumen, silicone, ink, oil, grease, lubricants, paint
Mobile or remote applications
General component or plant cleaning

Attribut Valeur
Application Hand Cleaning
Wipe Type Hand Wipes
Package Type Pack
Number of Wipes per Pack 30
Colour White
Wiper Size 266 x 220mm
Wet/Dry Wet
Repeat/Single Use Single Use
Produit discontinué