RS PRO 1.2kg Tool Balancer

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RS PRO Tool Balancers

Introducing the RS PRO tool balancer range. The German-style tool balancer features easily adjustable tension to assist the user with easier storage and positioning of hand tools. This tool balancer is a key piece of equipment that can prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of injury that can be caused through RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries), allowing users to work more productively and efficiently when using tools. This piece of equipment from RS PRO is ideal for a wide range of applications like repetitive tasks that include the use of lightweight tools in production lines.

Features and Benefits:

• This RS PRO tool balancer features adjustable tension which can be adjusted by turning the knob either clockwise to increase tension or pulling on the inner knob to release the tension
• Suitable for a wide range of drivers
• It offers a 1.6m retractable cord with a cable stop and hangs overhead
• The spring balancer is housed in a durable plastic casing to ensure that the balancer or mechanism doesn’t get damaged in the environment that it is being used in
• Designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in tool operators and fatigue and
• It also reduces fatigue and increases productivity for the user


Tool balancers or spring balancers are devices that are used to lift and suspend tools, to help in taking away the load of the tool from the user. Using a spring balancer in the workplace has a huge range of benefits, for user wellbeing and safety and for the environment that the user works in. This is a tool that is essential for more efficient and ergonomic ways of working, especially when it involves repetitive use of lightweight tools like air tools and screwdrivers, or even heavy industrial production processes like a vehicle assembly line. Not only does it help with better organisation of the workspace, but it also prevents expensive tools from being dropped on the floor and being damaged, or even more importantly, can prevent them from falling and injuring the user.

A balancer is suitable for a wide range of applications like:
• Production lines
• Bench or line assembly
• Repetitive jobs
• Tasks that involve lifting heavy tools constantly

What are the benefits of using a tool balancer in the workplace?

There are many benefits to using a tool balancer in the workplace, below are just some to highlight the importance of such a tool, primarily as a safety device:
• It allows the user to position a tool or piece of equipment to wherever it is needed in line with the task they are completing and will not move until the user re-positions it
• A spring balancer neutralises the weight of the item that is being suspended, rendering the tool or piece of equipment weightless and taking the load away from the operator
• Reduces injury from RSI and manual handling from the user
• Reduces fatigue, therefore increasing productivity
• By using a balancer, Workstations can be more organised and tidy, with tools always being in the right place
• Reduces damage to tools, helping them last longer and being more cost-effective in the long run

What load capacity is this RS PRO tool balancer available in?

793-2774 0.5-1.2 kg
793-2777 1.0-2.0 kg
793-2771 2.0-3.0 kg

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Load Capacity 1.2kg
Maximum Travel 1600mm
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