Keysight Technologies B2911A Sourcemeter, 1 Ch, 2 Ω → 200 MΩ 10.5 (Pulsed Output) A, 3 (DC Output) A

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Keysight B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit

Keysight B2900A Series SMUs have broad voltage (210V) and current (3A DC and 10.5A pulsed) sourcing capability, excellent precision (minimum 10fA/100nV sourcing and measuring resolution) and possess a superior colour LCD graphical user interface. Additionally, several task-based viewing modes dramatically improve productivity for test, debug and characterisation.

The B2900A offers excellent measurement throughput and supports the conventional SMU SCPI command set for easy test code migration. These features improve test productivity and lower the cost of ownership when integrating the SMUs into systems for production test. B2900A meters are particularly suitable for manufacturing tests of components (e.g. LEDs, solar panels) and are widely used in IV tests of electronic modules and sub-systems manufacturing.

The B2900A series consists of four models: B2901A ( 888-2355 ); B2902A ( 888-2358 ), B2911A ( 888-2352 ) and B2912A ( 888-2361 ) differentiated through their measurement specifications and by the number of SMU channels (1 or 2) supported. This facilitates selection of the best price/performance option to meet the specific user's testing needs.

• Supports one-channel configuration • Minimum source resolution 1pA /1μV, minimum measurement resolution 100fA/100nV
• Maximum output 210V, 3A DC/10.5 A
• Arbitrary waveform generation and digitising capabilities from 20μs interval
• Integrated 4-quadrant source and measurement capabilities
• 4.3 inch colour display supports graphical and numerical view modes
• Free application software to facilitate PC-based instrument control
• High throughput and SCPI command supporting conventional SMU command set


For users needing lower noise and more capabilities for sourcing, Keysight has introduced 6.5 digit low noise power sources B2961A ( 888-2364 ) and B2962A ( 888-2368 ).

Accessories for Keysight B2900A Series are available separately and include:
• banana-triax adapter N1294A-001 ( 888-2374 ) and N1294A-002 ( 888-2383 );
• low noise filter N1294A-022 ( 888-2380 );
• ultra low noise filter N 1294A-021 ( 888-2386 );
• GPIO-BNC trigger adapter N1294A-031 ( 888-2399 );
• high current triax cable 1.5m,16493L-001 ( 888-2419 ) and 3m,16493L-002 ( 888-2428 ).

Supplied with

Power cable, USB cable, quick reference guide (English), product reference CD-ROM (including PDF manuals, Keysight B2900A Quick I/V
measurement software and drivers), Keysight I/O library suite

Attribut Valeur
Series B2900A
Sourcemeter Function Current Measure, Voltage Measure
Number of Channels 1
Source Voltage Range 210 (Output) V
Source Current Range 3 (DC Output) A, 10.5 (Pulsed Output) A
Output Power 31.8 W
Resistance Measurement Range 2 Ω → 200 MΩ
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