PR Electronics 3105, Analogue to Current Signal Conditioner, Analogue ATEX,

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PR Electronics 3105 Isolated Converter

PR 3105 isolator converter for the isolation and conversion of DC signals. Designed for galvanic isolation of current and voltage signals to SCADA systems or PLC equipment.
The PR 3000 series is a family of compact, fast, and easy to use 6 mm signal conditioners with exceptional performance and EMC immunity for dedicated applications – including indoor and outdoor environments with wide temperature fluctuations. Designed and rated to operate between 25 ˚C to +70 ˚C, making these devices a good choice in applications where the ambient temperature changes greatly. These high-performance devices utilize our innovative microprocessor technology to provide high base accuracy, low power consumption, and maximum protection against error due to electromagnetic noise.

Features and Benefits

• High basic 0.05% accuracy in all available signal ranges • 2.5 kVAC isolation and have excellent noise immunity
• NAMUR NE21 burst A criteria
• Transmits rapid changes in process measurements to PLC/DCS for fast and accurate monitoring of critical signals
• Low temperature coefficient better than 0.01% / °C in a wide -25 to +70°C ambient temperature range for precise measurements
• Long term accuracy better than 0.1% / 3 years with no need for re-calibration
• Installation in ATEX Ex zone 2 / IECEx Zone 2 / FM division 2

DIP-switch programming

Re-calibration is not needed after changing the DIP-switch range settings. Just change the DIP-switch, cycle the power to the unit and obtain the new, pre-calibrated I/O range. HART programming is enabled for selected devices.


Devices can be mounted both vertically and horizontally with no air gap separation required. The devices snap onto a power rail or DIN rail and are easily detached by lifting the bottom lock.

High level of isolation

Safe galvanic isolation of 2.5 kVAC provides high noise immunity and prevents ground loops for accurate delivery of the process signal to your control system.

Device status indicators

A front LED indicates device status, e.g. an error in the set-up, sensor or hardware.

Over voltage- / polarity protection

All terminals can withstand up to ±31.2 VDC and are protected against incorrect supply wiring to ensure safe, error-free installation.

PR Electronics DIN Rail Mounting

Attribut Valeur
Input Range 0 → 10.25 V, 0 → 20.5 mA
Output Range 0 → 10 V dc, 0 → 20.5 mA
Supply Voltage 16.8 → 31.2 V dc
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +70°C
Series 3105
Hazardous Area Certification ATEX
Operating Temperature Range -25 → +70 °C
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