Amphenol Socapex Screened Spectra-Strip Round Ribbon Cable

  • N° de stock RS 841-7027
  • Référence fabricant 169-2832-040
  • Fabricant Amphenol
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Pays d'origine : US
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Loose Pair Round Jacketed Twist N Flat Cable

Loose Pair Round Twist 'N' Flat cable is designed to combine the electrical performance and handling features of discrete twisted pair cable with the mass termination capabilities of flat ribbon cable.,The inner cable consists of 28-7 AWG tinned copper conductors insulated with PVC and twisted into loose pairs. Conductors are laminated in parallel on .050" conductor spacing every 20 inches to accept termination to insulation displacement connectors. Laminated .050" areas can be fabricated at custom intervals. Minimum twist length is 6", maximum twist length is determined by size of put-up.,The loose twisted pairs are wrapped in aluminum polyester foil shield and overall tinned copper braid to help meet FCC requirements for EMI/RFI suppression. A round .030" PVC jacket is extruded over the cable for maximum protection and ease of routing. The center of each laminated .050" area is visible on the outer jacket to locate connector terminating areas quickly and easily.



Attribut Valeur
Voltage Rating 300 V
Characteristic Impedance 100 Ω
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +105°C
Number of Strands 7
American Wire Gauge 28
Screened/Unscreened Screened
Cable Shape Twisted Pair
Core Strands 7/36
Sheath Colour Black
Size of Strands 36 AWG
Outer Diameter 9.91mm
Series Spectra-Strip
Produit discontinué