1P+N 16 A RCBO, DIN Rail, Trip Sensitivity 30mA Acti 9 iC60H

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Schneider Electric Acti9 iC60H RCBOs Range

iC60H RCBO carries out complete protection of final circuits:

  • Protection against short-circuits and cable overloads
  • Protection of persons against electric shock by direct contact (10, 30 mA sensitivities)
  • Protection of persons against electric shock by indirect contact (100 mA sensitivity)
  • Protection of equipment against fires set by leakage currents (100 mA sensitivity)

Schneider Electric Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker - A9D11816

Forming part of the Acti9 range, Schneider's IC60 RCBO (residual current breaker with overcurrent protection) has been created and designed to act as a safety device and is used in electrical installations with high earth impedance to prevent shock. The A9D11816 is a single-phase, self-contained residual current device that carries out complete protection of final circuits.

Features & Benefits

  • The neutral is not interrupted when the device is tripped. Hence why this RCBO can be used on most circuits, except for the ones operating under TT or IT earthing systems

  • Features earth leakage sensitivity of 30 mA

  • A typical application of the device is within a distribution environment

  • 1P + N - pole configuration

  • Earthing system is TN

  • Curve code - C

  • The breaking capacity is10000 A Icn at 240 V AC 50/60 Hz

  • ON/OFF locking facilities

  • Features an IP degree protection of IP20, this means that the relay is protected against solid objects up to 12 mm but has no protection against water

  • The residual current tripping technology is voltage dependant

  • DIN rail mounting type, also the option for clip-on mounting mode

  • The dimensions of this circuit breaker are H110 mm x W18 mm x D77.5 mm

  • Standards - BS EN 61009-1, IEC 61009-1, IEC 61009-2-2 and AS/NZS 61009.1

Attribut Valeur
Range Acti 9
Series iC60H
Current Rating 16 A
Trip Sensitivity 30mA
Number of Poles 1P+N
Mounting Style DIN Rail
Rated AC Voltage 240 V AC
Breaking Capacity 10000 A Icn @ 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Earth Leakage Protection Type A
Tripping Characteristics Type C
Circuit Breaker Type RCBO
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