Push Button Switch BCD Pushwheel Tab Panel Mount 100mΩ 10-way Black 0.1 A@ 50 V ac

  • N° de stock RS 337-453
  • Référence fabricant PEAA-3000
  • Fabricant ZF
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Pays d'origine : CN
Détails du produit

PE Series Miniature

Gold-plated break-before-make contact
Two up/down buttons
Decade, BCD and Hexadecimal
Modules may be separated by spacers and assembled between cheeks
H 24mm, W 7.62mm, D 32mm
Cheeks and spacers available separately
Cut out, 22.5 by [(no. of switches x 7.62) x (no. of spacers x 2.54) + 3.5] mm




Attribut Valeur
Output Coding BCD
Switch Readout 0 to 9
Actuator Type Pushwheel
Terminal Type Tab
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Contact Resistance 100mΩ
Contact Material WE Alloy
Mechanical Life 10^6Operations
Number of Switch Positions 10
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +80°C
Current Rating 100 mA @ 50 V dc
Operating Temperature Range -20 → +80°C
Produit discontinué