RS PRO White PTFE Tape 7mm x 2m x 2.5mm

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RS PRO PTFE Sealing Tape

This exceptional RS PRO PTFE thread seal tape is also called plumbers tape or thread seal tape and is often used piping and ductwork application for sealing threaded pipe joints. Its a closed cell PTFE tape with a silicone adhesive on one side. The tape is sold cut to specific widths and wound on a spool which makes it easy to wind around your pipe threads.

Some of PTFE’s key material characteristics are the fact that it’s both extremely low friction, and is hydrophobic (meaning it repels water). This makes PTFE tape incredibly useful for a wide range of plumbing and pipework jobs with pipe fittings etc.

Features and Benefits

Extra thick PTFE tape designed for sealing threads

Forms a high-pressure seal between glass, ceramic and metals

Suitable for more aggressive environments where acids, gases or solvents may be present

Typical applications include heat exchangers, glass joints hydraulic systems.

Easy to apply and handle


Where would you use RS PRO PTFE tape?

The RS PRO PTFE tape can be used when fitting compression joints and is widely used by plumbers and DIY enthusiasts on radiator valves and taps.

How much PTFE tape to use?

To create a good seal wrap the tape it only requires a 50% overlap round the components to create a better seal.

How to use RS PRO PTFE Tape?

• Always clean the thread pipes before beginning to apply your tape • Wrap the tape in the direction of the threaded spiral of the male thread, always beginning with the first thread. Wrapping the wrong way may result in it coming unwound as you tighten the fitting. Do not overhang the tape
• Keep the edge of the tape parallel to the face of the fitting and wrap all the threads
• When you have wrapped enough tape around, cut or tear off the excess
• Press firmly to ensure the tape lies flat
• Tighten the male end connection into the female end connection


BS 7786 Grade L, Nato Approved

Attribut Valeur
Width 7mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Length 2m
Colour White
Minimum Operating Temperature -196°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +260°C
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