Bosch 1600Z0002X 2Ah Li-ion 12V Power Tool Battery

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Bosch 1600Z0002X GBA 12 V 2Ah Professional Compact Li-Ion Battery Pack.

Bosch 1600Z0002X GBA is a 12 V, lightweight professional lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery for use with Bosch cordless power tools. The battery fits all tools all tools within the same voltage class but will not fit Bosch DIY green tools. The battery, when attached to a power tool, is so lightweight that you will be comfortable working even if using it in overhead applications. Not only lightweight but hard wearing and robust. In tests the battery is still fully functional after a 3 metre drop onto concrete plus has a 5-times longer life cycle than other brands.

Features and Benefits.

• Professional battery pack.
• Bosch Lithium-Ion (Li-ion).
• 12 V (10.8 V).
• 2 Ah.
• No self-discharge.
• High energy density.
• No memory effect.
• Lightweight.
• Hard wearing, Drop resistant (3 metre drop test).
• 5-times longer life cycle.
• For use with Bosch cordless power tools.
• Excellent for use in overhead applications.
• Will not fit Bosch DIY Green tools.
• Weight 175g.
• Size 51 x 48 x 85 mm.

Typical Applications.

• For use with Bosch Cordless power tools with the same voltage class.

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Does the battery come with a charger?

• No, this is just the battery, we do stock other, Bosch, power tool chargers. • Click here

How long does the battery take to charge?

This is dependent on the battery charger, but the average is approx 35 minutes.

How do I get the best from a battery?

• Always keep the battery charged.
• Use the battery regularly.
• Always leave the battery plugged in till 100% charged.
• Keep the battery in a dry cool environment.
• Don not allow the battery to overheat.
• Never run the battery till it is flat.
• Never leave the battery on a charger, over charging can damage a battery.

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Rechargeable battery packs for Bosch cordless power tools.

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Battery Type Li-Ion
Voltage Rating 12V
Battery Capacity 2Ah
For Use With Bosch Cordless Power Tools
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