OSI Optoelectronics, PIN-25DP Visible Light Si Photodiode, Surface Mount BNC

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OSI Photovaltic Series Photodiodes

The Photovoltaic series, from OSI Optoelectronics, are planar diffused silicon photodiodes. These general purpose photodiodes are ideal for applications which require high sensitivity and moderate response speeds. Their spectral response range (350-1100nm) make the regular Photovoltaic series suitable for visible and IR applications.
The Photovoltaic series offer high shunt resistance and low noise. They also show long term stability. Suitable applications for the Photovoltaic series, include; colorimeters, photometers, spectroscopy equipment and fluorescence.

Features of the Photovoltaic series:
Ultra low noise
High shunt resistance
Wide dynamic
Blue enhanced


These photodiodes are not designed to be reverse biased, applying a reverse bias of more than a few volts (>3V) will permanently damage them.

Photodiodes, OSI Optoelectronics

Attribut Valeur
Spectrums Detected Visible Light
Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity 970nm
Package Type BNC
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Number of Pins 1
Diode Material Si
Minimum Wavelength Detected 350nm
Maximum Wavelength Detected 1100nm
Length 42.55mm
Height 26.16mm
Peak Photo Sensitivity 0.6A/W
Series Photovaltic
Polarity Reverse
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