Peltier Module, 5.1W, 2.2A, 3.8V, 13 x 13mm

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Thermoelectric Cooler Modules, Adaptive

The Thermoelectric modules utilise the Peltier phenomenon principle to pump heat when voltage is applied.

Effective cooling power from mW to a hundred of Watts
Max hot side temperature Th = 90°C for best long term performance
Modules can be bonded using heat sink bonder
Applications in refrigeration and power generation
Silicone sealed options


Thermoelectric Modules - Peltier Effect

A range of semiconductor thermoelectric devices working on the Peltier effect. When supplied with a suitable electric current, they can either cool or heat. When subject to an externally applied temperature gradient these devices will generate a small amount of electrical power.The larger devices can be used for cooling or controlling the temperature of sub-assemblies. The small size of the mini module makes it ideally suited for cooling miniature electronic components such as infra-red detector chips, microwave IC's, fibre-optic lasers and detectors.,Alternatively, it may be used to minimise the effects of temperature coefficients on oscillator stability, reference voltages, amplifier offsets etc. by providing temperature control.

Solid-state long term stability
Generates no acoustic noise

Attribut Valeur
Maximum Cooling Capacity 5.1W
Maximum Temperature Difference +74K
Maximum Current 2.2A
Maximum Voltage 3.8V
Active Area 13 x 13mm
Active Area Length 13mm
Active Area Thickness 3.8mm
Active Area Width 13mm
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