Schneider Electric Acti 9 3 A MCB Mini Circuit Breaker, 2P Curve C

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Schneider Electric Acti9 i60N MCBs 2 Pole

Acti 9 iC60N series multi-standard circuit breakers combine circuit protection against short circuit currents and circuit protection against overload currents it also protects people against indirect contact with TN and IT neutral systems. Fully compliant with standards IEC/EN 60898 and IEC/EN 60947-2. ACTi 9 is fully tested, approved and certified by national and international third parties. It guarantees that your installation is safe and compliant with all relevant safety standards which demonstrates to your customers that you use industry-approved materials and best practices. These MCBs are normally used for high inductive loads where switching surges are high. Providing essential protection in industrial and commercial buildings, these miniature circuit breakers work especially well in polluted environments and networks.

VisiSafe guarantees the downstream circuit is always safe regardless of overvoltage conditions, even in the most demanding environments; the green strip indicates the safe position of contacts.
VisiTrip red window on the front face indicates fault tripping allowing fast diagnosis, resolution, and reclosing loads for easier building management and reduced downtime

Benefits and Features

Downstream circuit is always safe
Class insulation ensures continuous protection for both operators and unqualified persons.
Insulated terminals (IP20)
Highly durable with robust connections that provide twice the standard tightening
Provide greater continuity of service thanks to VisiTrip.
Double clip dismounting with comb busbar in place


IEC 60898 - Relates to Low Voltage Circuit Breakers for use in household and similar
Installations. In the UK traditionally known as miniature circuit breakers
IEC 60947-2 Relates to Low Voltage Circuit Breakers for use in industrial and similar
Installations. In the UK traditionally known as moulded case circuit breakers
(MCCB’s) and also air circuit breakers (ACB’s).

Q: What is the differences in the Tripping Curves B, C, and D?

A: Curve B: Tripping: 3 to 5 times the rated current.
Applications: protection of generators, persons, very long cables
Curve C: Tripping: 5 to 10 times the rated current
Applications: protection of circuits and general applications
Curve D: Tripping: 10 to 14 times the rated current
Applications: protection of high surge circuits, welders, transformers and motors

A9F74203 Schneider Electric

This model has tripping curve type C that trips instantly at a rate of five to ten times its rated current. 2 pole. Breaking capacity of 6 kA. Current rating 3 A

Attribut Valeur
Range Acti 9
Series iC60N
Number of Poles 2
Current Rating 3 A
Tripping Characteristics Type C
Rated AC Voltage 12 → 60 V, 100 → 130 V, 220 → 240 V, 380 → 415 V, 400 V, 440 V
Rated DC Voltage 12 → 144V
Breaking Capacity 6 kA
Width 36mm
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