Development Kit LED Driver 4 Click for use with Backlighting, Cellular Phones, Portable and Battery Powered

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LED Driver 4 click is a form of a high-efficiency boost converter that is ideally suited for driving an array of white LEDs. The driver has the ability to dim the connected LED array, without producing any noise on the output. The Click board™ is capable of driving a LED array with up to 26V, providing a constant current to the LED segments. The LED segments are connected in series between the output terminals, which results in an even current distribution, thus providing a uniform brightness of each LED. A built-in soft-start function prevents large inrush current. Output open LED circuit, thermal, and undervoltage protection, provide a reliable operation.

Input Voltage Range: 2.7 V to 18 V
26-V Open LED Protection for TPS61160A 38-V Open LED Protection for TPS61161A
200mV Reference Voltage With ±2% Accuracy
PWM Interface for Brightness Control
Built-in Soft Start
Up to 90% Efficiency
2-mm ´ 2-mm ´ 0.8-mm 6-Pin WSON Package With Thermal Pad
Cellular Phones
Portable Media Players
Ultra Mobile Devices
GPS Receivers
White LED Backlighting for Media Form Factor

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