RS PRO Green Indicator, 12 V dc, 14mm Mounting Hole Size, Lead Wires Termination, IP67

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  • Fabricant RS PRO
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RS Pro LED Indicators, 14 mm Mount Flush Bezel

Brought to you by RS Pro, these LED indicators are an excellent solution for various applications. The body features a wire termination and are sealed to an ingress protection of IP67, assuring suitability for use in harsh environments and even outdoor applications. RS Pro LED indicators give a high level of brightness and a long life, making them ideal for various equipment applications. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• 10 mm coloured diffused epoxy lens
• Maximum panel thickness 11 mm
• Wire terminations
• Bi-colour are one red (+) Anode and one black (-) Cathode, the second colour is obtained by reversing the voltage.
• Tri-colour wires are one red (+) and one green (+) Anode and one black (-) Cathode
• Sealed to IP67

What is a tri-colour LED?

Tri-colour indicators include two different coloured LED's. As standard, the two LED's will shine symmetrically and output a light with the mixture of the two. The best way to understand the function would be similar to mixing paint. As an example red and green would make yellow, if the two LED's were red and green, the emitting light from the indicator would be a bright yellow.

What are the benefits of an LED?

Longevity and low power consumption are the main selling points of an LED. However, there are various other reasons to consider:

• Temperature - LED's give off a far cooler temperature than what an incandescent or neon light would.

• Direction - LED's will only emit light in a single direction, reducing the need for additional components, such as reflectors. Although this wouldn't apply if the LED indicator is being used as a circuit board signal.
• Cost - typically as LED's are in a larger supply than standard bulbs or pilot lights, they are a more cost effective solution to purchase, as well as run.
These LED indicators should not be operated without a suitable series resistor or other current-limiting device

What kind of protection do these indicators have?

Each LED Indicator is rated at IP67. Although not fully waterproof, it is fully protected from dust and other small particles. It can also be fully immersed in water (up to 1 m depth) for a maximum of 30 minutes. It would depend on the application as to how this feature would be used, but the LED would continue to operate smoothly if the above guidelines are followed correctly.

Are there fixings supplied with these indicators?

Each LED indicator is fully supplied with a fixing nut, washer and a gasket. To ensure a quick and easy installation process.



Supplied with

fixing nut, spring washer

Attribut Valeur
Voltage Rating 12 V dc
Light Output Colour Green
Mounting Hole Size 14mm
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Size 10 mm
Termination Type Lead Wires
IP Rating IP67
Bezel Style Flush
Bezel Colour Chrome
Current Rating 20 mA
Intensity 5 mcd
Length 30.6 mm
En cours d'approvisionnement -expédition le 07/10/2020, pour livraison dès le lendemain
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