RS PRO Aluminium Enclosure, Shielded, Flanged, 139.8 x 89.7 x 55.2mm

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  • Fabricant RS PRO
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RS PRO Flanged Shielded Die Cast Aluminium Enclosures

Brought to you by RS PRO, Shielded Die Cast aluminium enclosure boxes are a good quality aluminium alloy supplied with a natural finish and no external coating. The enclosures will tolerate temperatures up to 250°C with no adverse effects to the aluminium or the enclosures structure. Mounting flanges are built into the body of the enclosure for easy mounting. Various sizes and wall thickness are available. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• Shielded EMI/RFI
• Die cast aluminium alloy ADC 12 (LM24 to BS1490)
• ADC means Aluminium Die Cast
• Good quality aluminium
• Lid is lipped to ensure the EMI/RFI screening
• Screening is better than 40dB at 10MHz and 76dB at 100 kHz
• Taper is 1.5° per side lid to base
• No adhesive seal included
• High temperature strength
• Various size and wall thickness available

Enclosure options include:


• Enclosures are flanged
• Flange is located at the bottom of the enclosure body
• Flange enables easy wall mounting
• External length dimensions include flanges
• PCB Mounting guides

Enclosure / Lid Finish

• Natural aluminium
• Plain
• No external coating
• If you wish to paint then use powder paint
• No seal

How do I fix the lid to the base?

• The lid is lipped for a tight fit to the base
• Taper is 1.5° per side lid to base
• Tapped holes to ensure a close fit
• Fastening holes located outside of the inner space of the enclosure
• M3.5 x 9 mm Supadrive countersunk stainless steel screws secure the lid

What is an enclosure?

General purpose enclosures are protective boxes, used to house industrial, electronic and other sensitive equipment. Depending on the environment, different levels of protection may be required. These particular boxes enclose DIN Rail mounted electrical components and shield them from interfering circumstances.

Typical Applications:

General purpose enclosures are a type of protective casing ideal for housing electrical parts and components. They are manufactured from a range of materials including aluminium and plastic and are available in a variety of sizes depending on the application required. These general-purpose enclosures are commonly used in applications including:

  • Remote control systems

  • Radio instrumentation

  • Keypads

  • Display boards

  • Entry system controls

Attribut Valeur
Body Material Die Cast Aluminium
External Length 139.8 mm
External Height 55.2 mm
External Width 89.7 mm
External Dimensions 139.8 x 89.7 x 55.2mm
Colour Natural
Lid Colour Natural
Flanged Yes
Shielded Yes
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