RS PRO Wrist & Foot ESD Tester

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RS PRO Wristband and Heel Grounder Testing Station

The RS PRO Compact Tester series can be used to test personnel wrist straps and footwear for measuring a static charge. The tester uses either red or green LEDs and an audible alarm to indicate whether the measured resistance is within the range specified by EN 61340-5-1. A foot plate is included with the RS Compact Tester to allow users to test both their footwear and wrist strap. The Compact Tester is powered by a 9V PP3 battery for portability.

This ESD meter measures the resistance of the external circuit between the metal contact button and the cord connectors or the foot test plates. The wrist band and cord, plates, footwear, connection to the operator, operator’s body resistance and the fingertip button contact are all part of the circuit. In case of a failure being indicated, determine whether the wrist strap or the footwear alone is failing by ensuring that the other elements of the circuit are sound.

Features and Benefits:

Essential for all electronic assembly areas
Ideal for multi operator use
Requires a PP3 battery
Battery indicator lets the operator know when battery needs to be replaced
Easy operation for testing straps, cords and shoes
Simple pass or fail indication - green light and buzzer for correct resistance, red light for low to high resistance
Wall mounted printed plate for great visibility - test station for ESD wrist straps, heel grounders and ESD shoe testing
Sturdy foot plate
Resistance Limit - Low: 750 kilohms, High: 35 megohms

Typical Applications:

ESD (electro static discharge) test meters are used to measure the level of electrostatic discharge on a person, surface, or piece of equipment. This is to prevent damage to other equipment, such as integrated circuits, that might be caused by sparks from excess ESD. Ideal for electronic assembly areas.

RS PRO 733-996 kit supplied with:
Compact Wrist Strap / Footwear Tester
9V PP3 Alkaline Battery
Wall Plate
Foot Plate with Cord


How do ESD test meters work?
ESD test meters measure electrostatic discharge by monitoring the surface resistance level to determine whether it is within an acceptable range for safety. An alarm and LED indication (green or red light) is often used to indicate this. Regular testing of ESD wrist straps and grounding cords, heel straps and ESD footwear is essential for static control.

What are ESD grounding wrist straps used for?
Workers in the electronics industry commonly use SD grounding wrist straps to protect sensitive electronic components and equipment from electrostatic discharge. In other applications they're used to prevent electrical sparks that could ignite flammable liquids, gases and explosives.

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Supports ESD S20.20 and EN 61340-5-1 ESD control programme compliance

Supplied with

RS 733-996 is with a wall plate

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Equipment Type Tester
Power Source Battery
Test Point Wrist & Foot
Depth 26mm
Height 115mm
Width 70mm
Display Type LED
Complies with EN 61340-5-1 Yes
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