Bosch 156 mm Drill Bit Sharpener

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Bosch 156 mm Drill Bit Sharpener

Introducing the Bosch drill bit sharpener, an extremely handy device that saves you time and money. This device is capable of resharpening a variety of drill bits in seconds and fits all hand drills with a 43 mm diameter spindle collar.

How does it work?

Over time drill bits can become blunt which vastly reduces cutting and drilling capability. Instead of purchasing a replacement a quick refresh with the drill bit sharpener will keep you working. The device has two elements, a shaft with a hexagon head which you inserts into the chuck of the drill, once this is tightened, slide the sharpener over the shaft into the hex head locator then secures via the wingnut.
At the top of the sharpener are a series of holes that are specific for drill bit sizes, select the size required, make sure the corded or cordless drill is secure then insert a drill bit while holding it firmly. Push the drill bit down and make small incremental turns until you have a sharp drill bit

Product Elements

• Drive element
• Spindle collar
• Clamping screw
• Fastening screws
• Spacer
• Grinding wheel

Features and Benefits

• Model: S 41
• Drill bit sharpener for 2.5 to 10 mm diameter shank drills
• Fits all hand drills with a 43 mm diameter spindle collar
• Corded or Cordless compatible
• Drill bit point angle: 118
• Optimum Speed: 2000 to 3000 rpm
• Quick & easy

What type of material does it sharpen?

The device is intended for dry sharpening of steel drill bits according to DIN 338, DIN 340, DIN 345, DIN 1869 and DIN 1897 (type N)

Typical Applications

The Bosch drill bit sharpener is typically found in woodwork, metal fabrication, and maintenance & servicing applications. Its primary use is when drills bits require sharpening, saves money on buying more drill bits.


Can this be used with an 18 V cordless drill?

Yes, a domestic electric drill with a minimum range of 2000 rpm is recommended.

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