RS PRO IDM93M Handheld Digital Multimeter With RS Calibration, 10A ac 600V ac 10A dc 600V dc 20MΩ

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RS PRO IDM93N Rugged Industrial Digital Multimeter

RS Pro IDM93N digital multimeter designed for harsh environments. This is a handheld device which can measure capacitance, voltage, electrical current and resistance with diode and continuity check. This meter has an LCD display where the measurement readouts can be viewed. The rugged body guarantees drop prof resistance from up to 1.5 m. Featuring fuse protection on both 200 mA and 10 A current ranges.

The meter is supplied with a protective holster that includes a built-in tilt stand, a nail hook, and convenient test lead storage. This holster provides an extra degree of protection and convenience for your meter.
RS Pro IDM 91E Multimeters are designed to meet Class II IEC 1010 and UL 3111 standards for the safest operation in all applications.
This device has been designed for the most demanding users that value solid construction and highly accurate measurements.

RS Pro has a range of digital multimeters which are great value for money and are also a high quality that you can rely on.

Features and Benefits:

• 3 1/2 digit 0.8” large scale LCD • 0.5 % basic DCV accuracy
• 0.5 % basic DCV accuracy
• 1.0 % basic DCA accuracy
• 1.5 % basic ACA accuracy
• 0.75% basic OHM accuracy
• 1.0 % FREQUENCY accuracy
• 2.0 % CAPACITANCE accuracy
• 600V protection in non-current ranges
• 500V dual fuses protection
• Auto Power Shut Off
• 1.5 m drop proof
• Protective Holster with tilt stand
• IEC 1010-1 standard CAT. II 600V

What does it measure?

DC and AC Voltages - up to 600 V
DC/AC Current - up to 10A
Resistance and continuity tester - up to 20 MΩ
Diode - open circuit voltage up to 3.2V


150 hours (Alkaline)
Two 1.5V Alkaline type AAA batteries
Low battery indicator
Auto power off - approx 30 minutes after last operation

What does it include?

Installed battery
Test Leads
User manual


Without Holster: Width 84 mm, Length 175 mm, Height 31 mm
With Holster: Width 95 mm, Length 192 mm, Height 50 mm

Typical Applications:
A digital multimeter (DMM) is a handy test tool that measures electrical values such as voltage, current, and resistance. A DMM is used by technicians in the following areas:
Electrical and electronic industries

Safety guidelines

When using any electrical test equipment it is advised that you refer to the user’s manual for proper working operating procedures and safety precautions in order to avoid potential safety hazards.

What is the difference between an analogue and a digital multimeter?

The main difference is the display. A digital multimeter will show the results as numbers on a screen (usually a LED or LCD screen) whereas the analogue version has a needle to show the value.


IEC 61010-1: CAT.II 600V/CAT.III 300V

Attribut Valeur
Multimeter Type Handheld
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement 10A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement 10A dc
Calibrated RSCAL
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 600V dc
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 600V ac
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement 20MΩ
Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement 200µF
Functions Measured AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Conductance, DC Current, DC Voltage, Diode, Frequency, Resistance, RMS, Temperature
True RMS No
Maximum Frequency 200kHz
Display Type LCD
Model Number p IDM93M
AC Current Measurement Resolution 0.1µA ac
DC Current Measurement Resolution 0.1µA dc
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.1mV dc
Resistance Measurement Resolution 100mΩ
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.1mV ac
Capacitance Measurement Resolution 1pF
Height 175 (Without Holster) mm, 192 (With Holster) mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy ±2% + 4 Digits
Best AC Voltage Accuracy ±1.3% + 4 Digits
Best DC Voltage Accuracy ±0.5% + 1 Digits
Dimensions 84 x 31 x 175 (without Holster) mm, 95 x 50 x 192 (with Holster) mm
Length 84 (without Holster) mm, 95 (with Holster) mm
Width 31 (Without Holster) mm, 50 (With Holster) mm
Best AC Current Accuracy ±2.5% + 3 Digits
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Safety Category Voltage 600V
Battery Type AAA 1.5V x 2, AM4, IEC LR03, IEC6F22, NEDA 1604, 9V
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy ±0.8% + 1 Digits
Best DC Current Accuracy ±1% + 1 Digits
Safety Category Level CAT II
Battery Life 150 h
Weight 550 (With Holster)g
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