RS PRO Silver Conductive Adhesive Epoxy, 10 g Vial

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Silver Loaded Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

The silver loaded, conductive epoxy from RS PRO is a two-part thermosetting material with an epoxy resin adhesive base which contains silver flakes. This 2-element epoxy adhesive features high conductive benefits and is ideal for interconnecting and mechanical bonding components to circuits. Using Conductive Epoxy Adhesive can be a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional soldering. Silver-based conductive epoxies are much more oxidise resistant than tin or lid. Unlike tin or lid, they remain conductive even when oxidised. It eliminates the risk of serious conductive issues.

Features and Benefits:

• Hard and wear resistant after proper curing
• Compatible with a wide range of materials
• Suitable for substrates that cannot be soldered
• Superior durability, thermal, shock and chemical resistance
• High electrical conductivity
• The resin to hardener mix ratio: 1:1 by weight or volume
• Full instructions supplied
• Non-toxical substances eliminate the need for wearing a solder mask during application
• No pre or post clean is required

Typical Applications:

Silver-based conductive epoxies are widely used for interconnecting and mechanical bonding components to circuits due to excellent electrical conductivity. They are also suitable for use with most plastics, ceramics, wood, metal, glass and graphite as an excellent glue.

Typical applications: as a replacement for soldered/brazed joints where the temperature is a consideration, and as a thermally conductive adhesive.

Attribut Valeur
Product Type Epoxy
Conductive Element Silver
Package Type Vial
Package Size 10 g
Cure Time 36 h
Minimum Operating Temperature -55°C
Operating Temperature Range -55 → +150 °C
Special Features Thermally Conductive
Maximum Operating Temperature +150°C
Odour Mild Amine-like
Specific Gravity 2.85
Physical Form Liquid
Thermal Conductivity 11W/mK
Chemical Composition Silver, 3, 6-Diazaoctanethylenediamin
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