Adafruit 1497, Software Defined Radio (SDR) Dongle USB 24MHz

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Adafruit Software Defined Radio Receiver USB Stick

This USB stick and aerial brings radio to your computer. Listen in to radio signals across a wide frequency range from 24 MHz to 1850 MHz. This covers FM radio, AM signals (although not AM radio) CW (Morse Code) and other unencrypted radio signals.
The USB stick has an RTL2832+R820T module with an MCX RF connector and comes with a basic 'DVB-T' antenna. If your country has DVB-T broadcasts then you can also tune into DVB TV signals. Note: DVB TV is not available in the US. The antenna works for basic experimentation but a higher quality aerial is required for a consistent a TV signal.

Antenna Length: 120.65 mm (4.75")
Wire Length: 1168.4 mm (46")
USB Dongle: 22.24 x 23.1 x 9.9 mm / (0.87" x 0.9" 0.38")


In some countries, listening in to frequencies used by emergency services is illegal.

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RF Technology Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Kit Classification Dongle
Kit Name USB
Frequency 24MHz → 1850MHz
En cours d'approvisionnement -expédition le 16/12/2020, pour livraison dès le lendemain
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