RS PRO Centrifugal Fan, 4.2cfm, 12 V dc DC

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RS PRO Centrifugal Fan - DC Radial Blower

Featuring 4.2 cubic feet per minute RS PRO presents this small but mighty fan with a rated speed of 1.92 watts. With low level noise of 38 decibels and plastic black housing it is designed to be light, sleek and quiet.

Features and Benefits:

• Dual ball bearing
• -10°C to 70°C operating temperature
• 70,000 hours life
• 27g weight

How do centrifugal fans work?

Designed to move gases or air in a specified direction, motor driven internal rotating impellers draw air in and increase the output volume and speed of the air stream. The curved blades use kinetic energy moving against resistance and ensuring a constant speed. Centrifugal fans or blower fans as they are otherwise known, change the direction of air, generally at a 90° angle. This is made possible by the fan being mounted around a hub, gas or air enters the side of the drum and it moved over the blades to the exit point, whilst the resistance offered by the housing and duct helps increase volume and speed.

What are centrifugal fans used for?

Widely used in the HVAC industry these types of fans are used for moving gas or air in buildings, vehicles and ventilation systems. They can be used to move air or gas into an enclosed space or out of it. Due to their design they are able to create a higher pressure of air flow when compared to axial fans. Examples of application include:
• Dust collection
• Cooling
• Air re-circulation
• Boilers
• Automobile ventilation
• Electronics

Attribut Valeur
Supply Voltage 12 V dc
Blower Type Blower
AC or DC Operation DC
Air Flow 4.2cfm
Width 51.11mm
Depth 15mm
Fan Speed 5500rpm
Noise Level 38dB(A)
Bearing Type Ball
Commutation Type Brushless
Mounting Hole Diameter 3.35mm
IP Rating IP55
Vertical Hole Spacing 43mm
Direction of Curve Forward
Sensor Output Type Tachometer
Termination Type Lead Wire
Maximum Current 120mA
Static Pressure 0.5in/H2O
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