SKF Bearing Heater 729659 C

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  • Référence fabricant 729659 C
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SKF Electric Hot Plate - 729659C

Installing a bearing can sometimes involve a wealth of tools and a lot of physical force. Through the use of our SKF electric hot plate, the sets of tools and force required can be heavily reduced. How is this possible? Through heating the bearing up, the material can be manipulated in a way that enables the component to be installed with ease and efficiency. (Be cautious to not heat the bearing above 125°C (257 °F) because the material may change metallurgically and produce alterations in diameter or hardness)

Features & benefits

• Suitable for components with a bore of up to 100 mm/4 In
• Suitable for components that weigh up to k kg
• Has a maximum temperature of 200°C/390°F
• Equipped with a lid for retaining heat alongside preventing dirt from contaminating the bearing or component being heated
• Thermostatically controlled, enabling the operator to have full control over the heating of the components
• The hot plate is conveniently equipped with overheating protection, automatically switching off the power in case the thermostat ever failed
• The SKF Electric Hot Plate is supplied with a fitted Schuko (CEE 7/4) two-pin plug. If a UK BS 1363 electrical plug - or other mains electrical plug is required to be fitted, the Schuko plug fitted to the Hot Plate must be removed and the alternative plug fitted by a suitably-qualified person prior to use

SKF Electric Induction Heaters and Hot Plates enable bearings and other machinery components to be heated prior to installation. The induction heaters and hot plates are suitable for use with a variety of component sizes (actual sizes accepted depend on which induction heater or hot plate is used) and individual components may be heated to 200/250°C. SKF induction heaters and hot plates are thermostatically-controlled, and for safety reasons, overheat protection is also incorporated into the units to ensure that the induction heater or hot plate is switched off in the event of thermostat failure.

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Supply Voltage 230V ac
Maximum Bore Size 100mm
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