LPower Stereo Audio Codec FlexSound Tech

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5.6mW Power Comsumption (DAC to HP at 97dB DR)
101dB DR Stereo DAC (8kHz < fS < 96kHz)
93dB DR Stereo ADC (8kHz < fS < 96kHz)
Stereo, Low-EMI Class D Amplifiers
1.7W/Channel(8Ω, VSPK_VDD = 5.0V)
2.9W/Channel(4Ω, VSPK_VDD = 5.0V)
Efficient Class H Headphone Amplifier
Differential Receiver Amplifier/Stereo Line Outputs
2 Stereo, Single-Ended/Mono Differential Line Inputs
3 Differential Microphone Inputs
FlexSound Technology
5-Band Parametric EQ
Automatic Level Control (ALC)
Excursion Limiter
Speaker Power Limiter
Speaker Distortion Limiter
Microphone Automatic Gain Control and Noise Gate
Dual I²S/PCM/TDM Digital Audio Interfaces
Asynchronous Digital Mixing
Supports Master Clock Frequencies from 10MHz to 60MHz
RF Immune Analog Inputs and Outputs
Extensive Click-and-Pop Reduction Circuitry
Available in 63-Bump WLP Package (3.80mm x 3.30mm, 0.4mm Pitch) and 56-Pin TQFN Package (7mm x 7mm x 0.75mm)
Ideal for any product (e.g., tablets, netbooks, smartbooks) that uses a codec, but cannot afford to use higher cost HDI (high density) PCBs.

Attribut Valeur
Codec Type Stereo Audio
Number of ADCs 2
Number of DACs 2
Number of Channels 2 (ADC), 2 (DAC)
ADC/DAC Resolution 24bit
Sampling Rate 8 → 96kHz
Package Type TQFN
Pin Count 56
Number of ADC Inputs 3
Power Supply Type Single
Typical Operating Supply Voltage 1.8 V
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Length 7.1mm
Dimensions 7.1 x 7.1 x 0.75mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +85 °C
Height 0.75mm
Width 7.1mm
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