Analog Devices ADALP2000, Active Learning Program Education Parts Kit

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Analog Devices Analog Parts Kit

The Analog Devices analogue parts kit for analogue development contains a large selection of components perfect for creating a wide variety of useful analogue circuits and devices. This kit includes transistors, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, diodes, inductors, sensors and a variety of useful ICs, including op-amps, converters, comparators and regulators. The surface mount ICs are mounted on small daughter boards to facilitate easy connections. A solderless breakout board is included and the kit also comes with an assortment of jumper wires with pin ends.

Features and Benefits

Parts kit for solderless bread boarding of analogue circuits
Surface mount devices can be conveniently mounted on break out boards
Assortment of jumper wires for easy solderless connections
Solderless breadboard included
Plastic container with 18 compartments
Operational amplifiers with 7 different part numbers and an instrumentation amplifier
Sensors for measurement of current, acceleration, temperature, infrared and sound
Miscellaneous ICs, including voltage reference, voltage-to-frequency converter, comparator, LDO voltage regulator and matched transistors
Resistors in 20 resistance values
Multi-turn potentiometers at 5Kohm, 10Kohm and 50Kohms values
Capacitors of 13 values from 39pF to 220uF
Transistors in 9 different part numbers
LEDs with green, orange, red emitting colour, including an infrared LED
Diodes in 5 different part numbers
Inductors in 1μF, 10μF, 100μF and Hexa-Path magnetics
Other components such as a buzzer, breadboard, screwdriver and jumper wires


Embedded development
Educational institutes
Electronic laboratories


ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014
BS EN 61340-5-1:2007

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Analogue Function Education
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