RS PRO Liquid Polyurethane Glue

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Pays d'origine : GB
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RS Industrial Grade Adhesives

A broad range of high quality industrial adhesives normally supplied in bulk without commercial labelling, for use in specialised or critical bonding applications within industrial manufacturing. Supplied in handy 250ml cans they are intended to provide a cost effective solution for the small end user with minimum of wastage.

1 Part Nitrile Flexible adhesive, Alpha S1588, formulated to bond soft, plasticised PVC and PU materials to themselves or to metals. As a general purpose adhesive it can also be used for bonding plastics, vinyl, leather, felt and fabrics as well as wood, metal, china and glass.

2 Part High Performance Polychloroprene, Alpha S5001 adhesive for use in harsh environments. Formulated to give good adhesion to a variety of natural and synthetic rubber surfaces, the cured adhesive has good resistance to heat and humidity and attacks from atmospheric oxidation, salt water, oil, mild acids and alkalis. It is well proven in marine industry in the manufacture of wet/dry suits and inflatable craft.

1 Part 120° Neoprene, Alpha S1358, general purpose heat resistant contact adhesive. Formulated for use where heat resistance up to 100°C is required it can be used for bonding automotive trim and rigid laminates such Formica and Melamine. As a general purpose adhesive it forms strong permanent bonds between rigid PVC sheet, PU foams of the polyester & polyether types, polyester GRP, rubber sheet & extrusions, painted & bare metals.

1 Part Clear, Natural Rubber, Alpha S889, brush-able resin in a formulation that would meet the requirements of DEF Stan 80/57/3, Cement Rubber Resin No.5. It is used for bonding flexible materials to supporting structures such as rubbers, fabrics and insulation materials to metals and wood and is excellent for bonding polystyrenes.

1 Part Clear Polyurethane, Anglo 3353 (PU) based contact adhesive for bonding flexible PVC to a wide range of porous or fibrous materials such as wood and timber based materials. It is used in the marine industry for bonding PVC and PU fabrics to themselves and to GRP.

1 Part Neoprene, Alpha S708, multi-purpose, high green strength, brushable contact adhesive. Provides strong permanent bonds between leather, rubbers, rigid plastics, GRP, metals, glass, wood and timber based products.

PVC / ABS Pipe & Conduit Cement, Alpha S1735, adhesive with many applications in the plastics moulding and building industries. This formulation can be used as a solvent weld in the fabrication of rigid PVC potable water, rainwater and general drainage systems.


This product contains Toluene and consequently is not available for retail to the general public.

Attribut Valeur
Adhesive Type Contact Adhesive
Material Compatibility PVC
Colour Transparent
Product Form Liquid
Package Type Tin
Cure Time 48 h
Viscosity Measurement 3000 → 3500cP/s
Chemical Composition Acetone, Butanone, Epoxy Resin, Toluene, 2-(2H-Benzotriazol-2Yl)-P-Cresol
Odour Pungent
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