Tool Bags

A tool bag is an alternative to the more bulky tool box or chest for tool storage and transporting your tools and equipment securely and safely.
Many tradespeople, contractors, hobbyists or general DIY enthusiasts choose the tool bag because of the large storage capacitance, pouches and compartments, making it easy to locate your favourite tool when you need it. Some find that a backpack bag is easier to carry when there is restricted space.

Tool bags are available in many different styles, sizes and materials, with or without shoulder straps and wheels. They are usually very durable as they need to hold and carry heavy loads. If you need assistance in the choice of the perfect tool bag, you can find extensive information on our

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Description Prix Bag Type Material Length Width Height Shoulder Strap Lock Type
N° de stock RS 793-2737
Référence fabricant1-79-209
66,11 €
Open Mouth Nylon 300mm 500mm 310mm Yes Zipper
N° de stock RS 793-2746
Référence fabricant1-79-211
81,96 €
Round Top Nylon 330mm 500mm 310mm Yes Zipper
N° de stock RS 124-8932
Référence fabricantDWST1-79210
74,66 €
Wheeled Bag Fabric 699mm 305mm 318mm Yes Dual Zipper