Mastic Trowels

What is a Mastic Trowel?A mastic trowel is a handheld tool specifically designed for the application of adhesive prior to the setting of tiles. These can be floor tiles or wall tiles. The trowels are available in different sizes depending on the task you wish to carry out.Trowels are usually rectangular in shape with regularly spaced notches cut out of one or more sides of the trowel blade. The blade material is usually lightweight plastic or carbon steel making the trowels long lasting and durable. Available handles, half handle, full handle, wooden, soft touch, plastic, again depending on your preference. Notches can be U shaped, O shaped, V shaped

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N° de stock RS 707-4875
Référence fabricantR231
12,55 €
Carbon Steel 11 x 4 3/4 in ABS 11in 4.75in