Step Drill Bits

Step drills are an efficient way of drilling multiple sized holes in a piece of work without the need to frequently change bit sizes. Their stepped cone shape allows for multiple diameter cutting surfaces on one drill bit along a short distance. This construction helps to produce cleaner holes as the bit cuts incrementally larger holes as it passes through the material. This method stops the need to switch between multiple drill bit sizes when working from a small pilot hole up through to holes 40mm or more.

Features and Benefits
• Time saving
• Multiple hole sizes from one bit
• Cleaner cut holes
Where might I use one?
Step drills are suitable for materials such as metal, wood and acrylic and can be used in both hand and pillar drills. Always consider the materials you are working with when purchasing a stepped drill bit due to their shortened length when compared to traditional twist drill bits.

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Description Prix Number of Steps Drill Diameter Maximum Drilling Thickness Material Minimum Head Size Maximum Head Size
N° de stock RS 706-8609
Référence fabricantDT5026-QZ
37,69 €
9 4 → 12mm 12mm HSS 4mm 12mm
N° de stock RS 706-8606
Référence fabricantDT5030-QZ
69,51 €
9 14 → 25mm 25mm HSS 14mm 25mm
N° de stock RS 706-8602
Référence fabricantDT5027-QZ
34,39 €
6 8 → 18mm 18mm HSS 6mm 18mm
N° de stock RS 706-8615
Référence fabricantDT5031-QZ
117,03 €
9 20 → 34mm 34mm HSS 20mm 34mm