Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are for heavy-duty tightening or loosening of nuts and bolts. They allow you to achieve high torque socket wrenching with minimal effort. Using either battery power or compressed air, impact wrenches are easy to use and offer a level of socket drive difficult to achieve with a manual tool. Sometimes referred to as impact guns or air wrench, these tools are often used in automotive repair shops, product assembly and in construction.Air or Battery powered?Compressed air is a popular power source. They are often a more affordable option, and do not require a power source. Battery powered wrenches are usually more powerful but require recharging. Our impact wrenches are available for socket drive sizes from 1/4in up to 1in, with high and low speed models available in various lightweight and ergonomic designs.

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Description Prix Type Power Source Drive Size Impact Rate Maximum Torque Weight Length Air Inlet BSP Speed Plug Type Model Number
N° de stock RS 732-0143
Référence fabricantDCF815D2
319,76 €
Compact Battery - - 107Nm 1kg 158mm - 0 2450rpm Type E - French DCF815D2
N° de stock RS 136-2873
Référence fabricantDCF899NT
341,44 €
High Torque Battery 1/2 in - 950Nm 2.6kg 224mm - 400 rpm, 1200 rpm, 1900 rpm - DCF899NT