Corded Circular Saws

For quick and efficient cutting of various materials, a corded circular saw is an ideal solution. Sometimes referred to a skil saw, a circular saw uses a rotating blade, and is designed to make cross-cuts and rip-cuts. They are well known for making clean and accurate cuts. A corded circular saw runs from mains power. Though it may lack the portability of a petrol powered saw, it has the advantage of being lightweight and maneuverable.ApplicationsUsing circular blades that are often interchangeable, circular saws can be used to cut different kinds of materials, but most commonly use tooth blades for wood working applications. They can also use abrasive blades for cutting ceramic tiles, concrete or even metal. When used with abrasive blades, circular saws are sometimes referred to as angle grinders.Whether in construction or carpentry, corded circular saws are a versatile tool.Features and BenefitsAccurate CuttingLightweightInterchangeable blades

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30mm 190mm 240V 5200rpm 67 mm Type C - EuroPlug 4kg DWE575K