Drywell Calibrators

Drywell calibrators are powerful heat sources that allow temperature sensors to be calibrated. This calibration means the sensors are set with a standard scale of readings. Drywell calibrators typically have a pocket where a temperature probe can be inserted, allowing the temperature sensor to be calibrated.

How do drywell calibrators work?

Drywell calibrators work by heating a metal block to a specific temperature and maintaining that temperature. Most drywell calibrators utilise one or more interchangeable inserts into which holes are drilled. These holes accommodate a range of sizes of temperature sensors to be calibrated.

What are drywell calibrators used for?

Drywell calibrators provide a combination of accuracy, portability and stability. They excel in industrial-level calibrations on nearly any type of temperature sensor, including RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, and bi-metal thermometers. Temperature is the most commonly measured parameter in commercial and industrial settings. Industries as diverse as food processing, pharmaceuticals, cold storage and paper manufacturing use drywell calibrators in order to set temperature sensors.

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Description Prix Thermocouple Type Accuracy Well to Well Conformity Stability Dimensions Weight Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature Maximum Source Current Maximum Source Frequency Maximum Source Voltage Minimum Operating Temperature Minimum Source Current
N° de stock RS 193-8701
MarqueRS PRO
639,00 €
- ±0.5 °C, ±1 °C - ±0.5°C 114 x 233 x 180mm 3kg 180mm 114mm +300°C - - 230V +33°C -
N° de stock RS 537-026
Référence fabricant9100S/RSA
1.905,00 €
RTD 0.25 °C ±0.2°C ±0.07°C 150 x 125 x 57mm 1.1kg 57mm 150mm +50°C 1.5A 65Hz 230V ac +5°C 0.8A
N° de stock RS 537-048
Référence fabricant9102S/RS-256
2.945,00 €
RTD 0.25 °C ±0.2°C ±0.05°C 175 x 152 x 100mm 1.8kg 100mm 175mm +50°C - 60Hz 12 V dc, 234 V ac +5°C -